NYT Crossword March 18 2024 All Answers and Clues

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NYT Crossword

Are you looking for Clues and Answers to the NYT Crossword Puzzle March 18 2024? You have come to the right place, we have shared the answers of all NYT Crosswords with you, if you are confused while solving any puzzle then you can take our help.

The NYT Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It is published on offline and online edition of New York Times newspaper. This is a very popular and challenging crossword, it requires a lot of time and mind games to solve.

NYT Crossword 18 March 2024 Clues and Answers

It is not easy for anyone to solve the entire crossword without clues and answers. NYT Crossword March 18, 2024 Answers Guide will help you finish today’s crossword if you have found yourself stuck on a crossword clue.

To solve this, it is necessary to have knowledge of words, all types of words, phrases and vocabulary are used in this.

Check out today’s NYT crossword clues and answers 18 March 2024


1 Front’s opposite : BACK
5 Some male deer : STAGS
10 What gives Scotch an earthy flavor : PEAT
14 Long, cylindrical instrument : OBOE
15 Kind of bond in chemistry : IONIC
16 “That hurts!” : OUCH!
17 [Get my innuendo?] : [NUDGE NUDGE]
19 Beech or birch : TREE
20 When a plane is due, for short : ETA
21 Show hosts, in brief : MCS
22 “Doesn’t matter who” : ANYBODY
24 Actress Jessica : BIEL
25 Close by : NEAR
26 Something a digital crossword solver doesn’t need : PAPER
29 Winter hours in N.Y.C. : EST
31 Exploding stars : NOVAS
35 “Relax, soldier” : AT EASE
37 [Get my innuendo?] : [WINK WINK]
39 Moderate gait for a horse : TROT
40 “Later, dudes” : PEACE
42 Response to the Little Red Hen : NOT I
43 [Get my innuendo?] : [HINT HINT]
45 Worked : TOILED
47 Younger Obama daughter : SASHA
48 “That’s all ___ wrote” : SHE
50 Takes in what someone wrote : READS
51 Engrave : ETCH
53 Dozes (off) : NODS
55 “That’s what people tell me, anyway” : SO I HEAR
58 Midori ___, first woman to land a triple axel in competition : ITO
59 Chop (off) : LOP
62 Bridal veil fabric : LACE
63 [Get my innuendo?] : [COUGH COUGH]
66 Furniture store known for its cafeterias’ meatballs : IKEA
67 Message on a candy heart : HUG ME
68 Classic pie crust ingredient : LARD
69 “Hey you!” : PSST!
70 Painter Degas : EDGAR
71 Membership fees : DUES


1 Chicken leftover : BONE
2 Be adjacent to : ABUT
3 Musician’s conclusion : CODA
4 Beer barrel : KEG
5 “___ U Been Gone” (Kelly Clarkson hit) : SINCE
6 Mess up, as hair : TOUSLE
7 As well as : AND
8 Beyond big : GIGANTIC
9 Big public argument : SCENE
10 Baked things that might get people baked : POT BROWNIES
11 Currency that replaced the mark and peseta : EURO
12 Got an A+ on : ACED
13 ___/them pronouns : THEY
18 Mideast leaders : EMIRS
23 Tug hard : YANK
24 Keep cool in a pool, perhaps : BEAT THE HEAT
26 Trails : PATHS
27 Open-air lobbies : ATRIA
28 Menial workers, dismissively : PEONS
30 Strip of mowed grass : SWATH
32 EGOT-winning actress Davis : VIOLA
33 Contributed to a kitty : ANTED
34 Loses traction on the road : SKIDS
36 Commercial lead-in to Pen : EPI-
38 Take-home amount : NET
41 Cover completely : ENSHROUD
44 “Anger leads to ___. ___ leads to suffering”: Yoda : HATE
46 Surgeon, for short : OR DOC
49 Riddle : ENIGMA
52 Something you might clear to improve memory : CACHE
54 Catchall category : OTHER
55 Undergarment for a dress : SLIP
56 Acorn producers : OAKS
57 Frosts, as a cake : ICES
59 Hawaiian banquet : LUAU
60 Fairy tale baddie : OGRE
61 Professors’ degs. : PHDS
64 Big name in fleecy boots : UGG
65 What a good joke never gets : OLD

We would suggest you that if you do not have much time then you should solve the second issue of NYT Mini Crossword. Mini crossword is much smaller and easier than normal crossword, it is in 5×5 grid square shape. After solving this you will feel very confident.

What is NYT Crossword?

The crossword has been published daily by The New York Times since its first year in 1942. Initially it was offline but after the advent of smartphones, it started coming online also.

The size of the crossword puzzles ranges from a 15×15 grid on weekdays to a larger 21×21 grid on Sundays, with varying levels of difficulty. The New York Times editorial team helped in creating it. While creating a crossword they ensure that the puzzle is challenging as well as entertaining so that the solvers do not get bored while solving it.

Many competitions and clubs have come together to solve crossword puzzles quickly and have gained interest among people in the United States.

To solve NYT Crossword puzzle you must have knowledge of words, if you want to solve crosswords in less time then you start studying, memorizing and practicing your words.