NYT Crossword March 16 2024 All Answers and Clues

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NYT Crossword

Are you looking for Clues and Answers to the NYT Crossword Puzzle March 16 2024? You have come to the right place, we have shared the answers of all NYT Crosswords with you, if you are confused while solving any puzzle then you can take our help.

The NYT Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It is published on offline and online edition of New York Times newspaper. This is a very popular and challenging crossword, it requires a lot of time and mind games to solve.

NYT Crossword 16 March 2024 Clues and Answers

It is not easy for anyone to solve the entire crossword without clues and answers. NYT Crossword March 16, 2024 Answers Guide will help you finish today’s crossword if you have found yourself stuck on a crossword clue.

To solve this, it is necessary to have knowledge of words, all types of words, phrases and vocabulary are used in this.

Check out today’s NYT crossword clues and answers 16 March 2024


1 Banking annoyance associated with the 20s? : ATM FEE
7 “Ah, got it now!” : OK, I SEE!
13 Concerns for manufacturers : RECALLS
15 Sara who wrote the “Pretty Little Liars” books : SHEPARD
16 2024, e.g. : YEAR OF THE DRAGON
18 Tiny social climber : ANT
19 Play ground? : THEATER
20 ___ group : AS A
21 Evidence of crying : TEARSTAIN
23 Rocked, so to speak : WORE
26 Part of a choir : TENOR
27 Preschool recital : ABCS
31 Pentagon figures : AREAS
33 Regulation followers, in brief : OTS
34 Symbol of purity or spirituality : LILAC
35 Like some brains and pool balls : RACKED
37 Treat often eaten with a small wooden spoon : GELATO
38 Institution of 40+ years that has many notable alums : SNL
39 Annual mecca for sci-fi and fantasy fans : MEGACON
43 Setting for a Twins or White Sox game: Abbr. : CDT
44 Personal number? : AGE
45 Cry after a motion : I SECOND!
46 Kit ___ : KAT
47 Withdraw (from) : WEAN
49 Just plain silly : INANE
50 Honors held by only one U.S. president and one U.K. prime minister : PHDS
51 Celebratory greeting for 16-Across : GONG XI FA CAI
54 Bull-like : TAURINE
56 Apple Pay, e.g. : E-WALLET
59 Bit of sportswear : SNEAKER
60 Pasta shaped like wagon wheels : ROTELLE
61 Legit : KOSHER
62 Learning opportunity : LESSON


1 “Game of Thrones” character whose name means “noble” in Sanskrit : ARYA
2 Many a camp counselor : TEEN
3 Exam for a doc-to-be : MCAT
4 Way out : FAR
5 Grilled corn-on-the-cob dish, in Mexican cuisine : ELOTE
6 Red-and-green headwear : ELF HAT
7 “This can’t be good” : OH DEAR
8 Olympian Strug or Walsh Jennings : KERRI
9 Sierra Nevada or Lagunitas offering : IPA
10 Long-running account : SAGA
11 Carrier of a bow and arrow : EROS
12 ___ Mode, character in “The Incredibles” : EDNA
14 House speaker’s place : STEREO
15 Scrapes : SET-TOS
17 Lacks, informally : HASN’T
21 Material for deck chairs : TEAK
22 “Canvas” for digital art? : NAIL
23 Capital with an airport named after Chopin : WARSAW
24 Common gift during Chinese Spring Festival : ORANGE
25 Some local sports associations, informally : REC LEAGUES
28 Home to the Crazy Horse Memorial : BLACK HILLS
29 Man with a Manx, say : CAT DAD
30 Sister brand of Miracle-Gro : SCOTTS
32 One of two in a tournament : SEMI
34 Grant temporary custody? : LEND
36 ___ clothing : DESIGNER
37 Badly off-base? : GONE AWOL
40 One born between the mid-1960s and 1980 : GEN-XER
41 Smoothie berry : ACAI
42 Discuss something (with) : CONFER
48 Woman’s name that becomes a direction when its fourth letter is changed : NORAH
50 Loses color : PALES
52 Puma rival : NIKE
53 Actress Blanchett : CATE
54 “Ba-a-a-ad!” : TSK!
55 “Is that ___?” : A NO
57 “Telephone Line” band, in brief : ELO
58 Half a score : TEN

We would suggest you that if you do not have much time then you should solve the second issue of NYT Mini Crossword. Mini crossword is much smaller and easier than normal crossword, it is in 5×5 grid square shape. After solving this you will feel very confident.

What is NYT Crossword?

The crossword has been published daily by The New York Times since its first year in 1942. Initially it was offline but after the advent of smartphones, it started coming online also.

The size of the crossword puzzles ranges from a 15×15 grid on weekdays to a larger 21×21 grid on Sundays, with varying levels of difficulty. The New York Times editorial team helped in creating it. While creating a crossword they ensure that the puzzle is challenging as well as entertaining so that the solvers do not get bored while solving it.

Many competitions and clubs have come together to solve crossword puzzles quickly and have gained interest among people in the United States.

To solve NYT Crossword puzzle you must have knowledge of words, if you want to solve crosswords in less time then you start studying, memorizing and practicing your words.