NYT Crossword March 14 2024 All Answers and Clues

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NYT Crossword

Are you looking for Clues and Answers to the NYT Crossword Puzzle March 14 2024? You have come to the right place, we have shared the answers of all NYT Crosswords with you, if you are confused while solving any puzzle then you can take our help.

The NYT Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It is published on offline and online edition of New York Times newspaper. This is a very popular and challenging crossword, it requires a lot of time and mind games to solve.

NYT Crossword 14 March 2024 Clues and Answers

It is not easy for anyone to solve the entire crossword without clues and answers. NYT Crossword March 14, 2024 Answers Guide will help you finish today’s crossword if you have found yourself stuck on a crossword clue.

To solve this, it is necessary to have knowledge of words, all types of words, phrases and vocabulary are used in this.

Check out today’s NYT crossword clues and answers 14 March 2024


1 Reality checks? : CAPTCHAS
9 Raze : FLATTEN
16 Austin Powers catchphrase : OH, BEHAVE!
17 Family tree : LINEAGE
18 Highway crossing : OVERPASS (from PASS OVER)
19 Fail : GO UNDER (from UNDERGO)
20 N.B.A. impossibility : TIE
21 Perp alert : APB
23 Mob man : DON
24 Sequentially arranged : IN ORDER (from ORDER IN)
28 Explains in detail : LAYS OUT (from OUTLAYS)
32 Container weight allowances : TARES
33 Clever quip : EPIGRAM
35 LAX scanners (but not lax ones, one hopes) : TSA
36 Unit of cellphone reception : BAR
37 Uncle Sam’s land, informally : US OF A
40 Dating axiom … or a hint to interpreting four pairs of answers in this puzzle : OPPOSITES ATTRACT
46 “Natural” at the craps table : SEVEN
47 “Unbelievable!,” in internet shorthand : SMH!
48 Hypothetical degree : NTH
49 Road runners? : ENGINES
52 Jazz great Shaw : ARTIE
54 Like an impromptu remark : OFFHAND (from HAND OFF)
56 Keep wearing : LEAVE ON (from ON LEAVE)
58 Name for two Spice Girls : MEL
59 Well-seasoned : OLD
61 Mobile ___ : APP
62 Rehearsed to perfection : DOWN PAT (from PAT DOWN)
66 Excite, as a crowd : CHARGE UP (from UPCHARGE)
71 Conforming to accepted values : ETHICAL
72 Some desert dwellers : SAHARANS
73 Eerie : GHOSTLY
74 Many country-and-western dances : TWO-STEPS


1 Admit (to) : COP
2 “Now I remember who sang ‘Take On Me’!” : AHA!
3 “Washington Week” airer : PBS
4 One being quizzed : TESTEE
5 Conductors may conduct them : CHOIRS
6 “Never ___ ever …” : HAVE I
7 Boston’s Mass. ___ : AVE
8 Lab liquids : SERA
9 It goes viral in winter : FLU BUG
10 Director Justin of the “Fast & Furious” franchise : LIN
11 “Wait, there’s more …” : AND …
12 Prop used for kickoffs : TEE
13 Entering after the bell : TARDY
14 Food items originally called Froffles : EGGOS
15 It may glow in the dark : NEON
22 Luau side dish : POI
24 Title role for Tom Hanks in 2022 : OTTO
25 Scraping tools : RASPS
26 Arrange loosely : DRAPE
27 Without ice or mixer : NEAT
29 “Agreed!” : TRUTH!
30 Where trailers wind up : LAST
31 Spanish love : AMOR
34 Start to fix? : PRE-
36 “You got it!” : BINGO!
38 Colorful Coke brand : FANTA
39 End of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” : ACT IV
41 Place to put the dough : OVEN
42 Email function depicted with a paper plane icon : SEND
43 Brasilia-to-Rio dir. : SSE
44 Playground retort : AM SO!
45 “America” pronoun : THEE
50 “I wish!” : IF ONLY!
51 Jets pass in it, for short : NFL
52 Lead dogs : ALPHAS
53 Split hairs again? : RE-PART
54 Where Lear exclaims “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!” : HEATH
55 Despite the fact that, informally : ALTHO’
57 ___ cheese : NACHO
58 Video format : MPEG
60 Tidy up, in a way : DUST
63 Bad-mouth : DIS
64 L.G.B.T. History Mo. : OCT
65 Mart start : WAL-
67 Dog on a cat? : PAW
68 Emmy-nominated Issa : RAE
69 Economic fig. : GNP
70 End of days? : ESS

We would suggest you that if you do not have much time then you should solve the second issue of NYT Mini Crossword. Mini crossword is much smaller and easier than normal crossword, it is in 5×5 grid square shape. After solving this you will feel very confident.

What is NYT Crossword?

The crossword has been published daily by The New York Times since its first year in 1942. Initially it was offline but after the advent of smartphones, it started coming online also.

The size of the crossword puzzles ranges from a 15×15 grid on weekdays to a larger 21×21 grid on Sundays, with varying levels of difficulty. The New York Times editorial team helped in creating it. While creating a crossword they ensure that the puzzle is challenging as well as entertaining so that the solvers do not get bored while solving it.

Many competitions and clubs have come together to solve crossword puzzles quickly and have gained interest among people in the United States.

To solve NYT Crossword puzzle you must have knowledge of words, if you want to solve crosswords in less time then you start studying, memorizing and practicing your words.