NYT Crossword March 13 2024 All Answers and Clues

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NYT Crossword

Are you looking for Clues and Answers to the NYT Crossword Puzzle March 13 2024? You have come to the right place, we have shared the answers of all NYT Crosswords with you, if you are confused while solving any puzzle then you can take our help.

The NYT Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It is published on offline and online edition of New York Times newspaper. This is a very popular and challenging crossword, it requires a lot of time and mind games to solve.

NYT Crossword 13 March 2024 Clues and Answers

It is not easy for anyone to solve the entire crossword without clues and answers. NYT Crossword March 13, 2024 Answers Guide will help you finish today’s crossword if you have found yourself stuck on a crossword clue.

To solve this, it is necessary to have knowledge of words, all types of words, phrases and vocabulary are used in this.

Check out today’s NYT crossword clues and answers 13 March 2024


1 “___ Lang Syne” : AULD

5 Played the role of : WAS

8 Sights at overnight rest stops : SEMIS

13 [That’s hilarious!] : SNORT

15 Huntsville’s home: Abbr. : ALA

16 Make amends : ATONE

17 “Sex and the City” actress ___ Jessica Parker : SARAH

18 Flag-waver’s specialty : SEMAPHORE

20 Visibly in awe : AGAPE

21 Walk loudly : TROMP

22 “The Simpsons” neighbor : NED

23 “When the going gets tough, the early bird gets the worm,” e.g. : MIXEDMETAPHOR

26 What’s needed for a “Who’s on First?” routine : DUO

27 “Why are you in such a rush?” : SOSOON

30 “Darn!,” in Germany : ACH

33 Listing near a museum door, perhaps : DONOR

37 Southwestern wolf : LOBO

38 Best Actor nominee for “12 Years a Slave” : CHIWETELEJIOFOR

42 Famed art patron Henry : TATE

43 Houston N.F.L. player : TEXAN

44 Whatever floats your boat! : SEA

45 Word with soul or sob : SISTER

48 Manhattan hoops venue, in brief : MSG

50 In an unprecedented manner : ASNEVERBEFORE

57 What some online blockers block : ADS

59 Sealy competitor : SERTA

60 Some traffic directors : CONES

61 March Madness component that’s a phonetic hint to 18-, 23-, 38- and 50-Across : FINALFOUR

63 “My ___” (“Put your money away”) : TREAT

64 Escape : EVADE

65 Work whose name comes from the Greek for “sing” : ODE

66 Close call : SCARE

67 Amount at stake : WAGER

68 Kind of school : MED

69 “Anything _?” : ELSE


1 Variety of Indian tea : ASSAM

2 Eel, at a sushi restaurant : UNAGI

3 Literary character who cries “You’re glumping the pond where the Humming-Fish hummed!” : LORAX

4 Hung loosely : DRAPED

5 Garbage : WASTE

6 Wide-awake : ALERT

7 American ___ : SAMOA

8 Lyric poet from Lesbos : SAPPHO

9 Biblical verb ending : ETH

10 Overhead features on sports cars : MOONROOFS

11 Memo heading : INRE

12 What the stone is in a stone fruit : SEED

14 Jeff Bridges’s “Big Lebowski” stoner role, familiarly : THEDUDE

19 Circuitry units : AMPS

24 Unworthy of debate : MOOT

25 City with 40 islands and nearly 350 lakes within its limits : OSLO

28 “O,” in W.W. II radio lingo : OBOE

29 Screenwriter Ephron : NORA

30 Doesn’t hesitate : ACTS

31 Variety of Indian tea : CHAI

32 Suddenly encounters trouble : HITSASNAG

34 “Interwebs” : NET

35 _ Miss : OLE

36 “Vivat !” (“Long live the king!”) : REX

39 Dampens : WETS

40 Doorway feature : JAMB

41 Web attachments? : INSECTS

46 Eve who wrote “The Vagina Monologues” : ENSLER

47 Destination for scuba divers : REEF

49 Sensation on a roller coaster : GFORCE

51 Sound of a roar, maybe : VROOM

52 Practice piece : ETUDE

53 Stood on hind legs, with “up” : RARED

54 N.B.A. great nicknamed “Diesel” : ONEA

55 Derrières : REARS

56 Cosmetics mogul Lauder : ESTEE

57 Several : AFEW

58 Go full (make a big deal of things, in modern slang) : DIVA

62 Ending with lime or orange : ADE

We would suggest you that if you do not have much time then you should solve the second issue of NYT Mini Crossword. Mini crossword is much smaller and easier than normal crossword, it is in 5×5 grid square shape. After solving this you will feel very confident.

What is NYT Crossword?

The crossword has been published daily by The New York Times since its first year in 1942. Initially it was offline but after the advent of smartphones, it started coming online also.

The size of the crossword puzzles ranges from a 15×15 grid on weekdays to a larger 21×21 grid on Sundays, with varying levels of difficulty. The New York Times editorial team helped in creating it. While creating a crossword they ensure that the puzzle is challenging as well as entertaining so that the solvers do not get bored while solving it.

Many competitions and clubs have come together to solve crossword puzzles quickly and have gained interest among people in the United States.

To solve NYT Crossword puzzle you must have knowledge of words, if you want to solve crosswords in less time then you start studying, memorizing and practicing your words.