NYT Crossword March 12 2024 All Answers and Clues

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NYT Crossword

Are you looking for Clues and Answers to the NYT Crossword Puzzle March 12 2024? You have come to the right place, we have shared the answers of all NYT Crosswords with you, if you are confused while solving any puzzle then you can take our help.

The NYT Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It is published on offline and online edition of New York Times newspaper. This is a very popular and challenging crossword, it requires a lot of time and mind games to solve.

NYT Crossword 12 March 2024 Clues and Answers

It is not easy for anyone to solve the entire crossword without clues and answers. NYT Crossword March 12, 2024 Answers Guide will help you finish today’s crossword if you have found yourself stuck on a crossword clue.

To solve this, it is necessary to have knowledge of words, all types of words, phrases and vocabulary are used in this.

Check out today’s NYT crossword clues and answers 12 March 2024


1 Book after II Chronicles : EZRA
5 Stone on a set : EMMA
9 Heat almost to the point of boiling : SCALD
14 Bad person to trust : LIAR
15 Close at hand : NEAR
16 Actress Shire of “Rocky” : TALIA
17 *Large container for cinnamon or coriander? : SPICE DRUM (from “spiced rum”)
19 Sign up for, as a contest : ENTER
20 Good qualities : ASSETS
21 *Gist of a Dear John letter? : LOVE DONE (from “loved one”)
23 Able is he and he is Elba : IDRIS
25 Depend (on) : RELY
26 Number for John Tyler (or Alexander Hamilton) : TEN
28 Tiny matter? : ATOM
30 Place back on the market, say : RELIST
34 Not yet up : IN BED
36 Laundry unit : LOAD
38 Pot starter : ANTE
39 *Play matchmaker? : FORGE DALLIANCES (from “forged alliances”)
42 Lose steam : FLAG
43 Cookie in a Dairy Queen Blizzard : OREO
44 Perfect : IDEAL
45 Seasonal workers in red suits : SANTAS
47 Recovers some yards? : SODS
49 Deal that protects company secrets, for short : NDA
50 Midmonth date : IDES
52 Boneless steakhouse order : FILET
54 *Tinkling racket on a windy day? : CHIME DIN (from “chimed in”)
58 Jog the memory of : REMIND
61 Positive Instagram responses : LIKES
62 Change a map of southern England? … or, when parsed differently, what you need to do to the answers to the starred clues : MOVE DOVER (from “moved over”) … or MOVE D OVER
64 Unconcealed : OVERT
65 Grp. that Qatar left in 2019 : OPEC
66 Rapper Wyclef : JEAN
67 Pick on, in a way : TEASE
68 On deck : NEXT
69 Analogy words : IS TO


1 Woman’s name that’s also the first four letters of a Central American country name : ELSA
2 Closes, as a fly : ZIPS
3 Kellogg’s cereal with a purple box : RAISIN BRAN
4 Followed a curved path : ARCED
5 Breaks off a relationship : ENDS IT
6 Lead-in to maid or man : MER-
7 Viciously attack : MAUL
8 Brink’s truck feature : ARMOR
9 1980s TV role for Brosnan : STEELE
10 Game with Lollipop Woods and Gumdrop Mountains : CANDY LAND
11 Kind of sax : ALTO
12 Lender’s security : LIEN
13 Have the courage : DARE
18 Online financial company : E-TRADE
22 “Il Trovatore” composer : VERDI
24 Like some panels and flares : SOLAR
26 Dust-ups : TIFFS
27 “___ Holmes” (streaming film about Sherlock’s sister) : ENOLA
29 Earthworm hunters : MOLES
31 Deal sweeteners : INCENTIVES
32 Stand in good ___ : STEAD
33 Automaker with a Cybertruck : TESLA
35 Kitchen counters? : EGG TIMERS
37 Standoffish : ALOOF
40 Gave a shot, say : DOSED
41 Designed with passageways : AISLED
46 “___ Fideles” : ADESTE
48 To the point : DIRECT
51 “Simple” nursery rhyme character : SIMON
53 Nontext component of a text : EMOJI
54 Form lumps : CLOT
55 Bee complex : HIVE
56 Retail giant whose first store opened in Älmhult, Sweden : IKEA
57 “Uh-uh” : NOPE
59 Lacking clutter : NEAT
60 Foe of Mr. Bond : DR NO
63 Cause trouble for : VEX

We would suggest you that if you do not have much time then you should solve the second issue of NYT Mini Crossword. Mini crossword is much smaller and easier than normal crossword, it is in 5×5 grid square shape. After solving this you will feel very confident.

What is NYT Crossword?

The crossword has been published daily by The New York Times since its first year in 1942. Initially it was offline but after the advent of smartphones, it started coming online also.

The size of the crossword puzzles ranges from a 15×15 grid on weekdays to a larger 21×21 grid on Sundays, with varying levels of difficulty. The New York Times editorial team helped in creating it. While creating a crossword they ensure that the puzzle is challenging as well as entertaining so that the solvers do not get bored while solving it.

Many competitions and clubs have come together to solve crossword puzzles quickly and have gained interest among people in the United States.

To solve NYT Crossword puzzle you must have knowledge of words, if you want to solve crosswords in less time then you start studying, memorizing and practicing your words.